Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Osswald S., Hilti P., Cron T., Grädel C., Buser P., Pfisterer M.
Correlation of Intracardiac Impedance and Right Ventricular Contractility during Dobutamine Stresstest
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 166-170  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030166.pdf
Clémenty J., Garrigue S., Gencel L., Jais P., Shah D., Le Métayer P., Hocini M., Haissaguerre M.
Evaluation of the Chronotropic Function of a Closed-Loop Rate-Responsive Dual Chamber Pacemaker Driven by Contractility
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 171-175  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030171.pdf
Occhetta E., Bortnik M., Paffoni P., Pedrigi C., Maltese M., Audoglio R., Vassanell C.
Closed Loop Stimulation in Vasovagal Syncope - One Year Follow-Up in Selected Patients
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 176-180  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030176.pdf
Greco O., Ardito R., Souza D., Schaldach M.
Long Term Experience with a Contractility (ANS) Driven Pacemaker Sensor in Patients with Chronic Chagasic Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 181-184  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030181.pdf
Zecchi P., Bellocci F., Sanna T., Zanchetta L., Audoglio R.
Clinical Benefits of Closed Loop Stimulation - Preliminary Results of an Intensive Validation Study
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 185-189  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030185.pdf
Menezes Jr. A., Freitas Jr. A., Melo C., Oliveira L., Tomás R., Ribeiro T.
Cardiac Stimulation in Closed-Loop Controlled by Autonomic Nervous System versus Accelerometer - Comparative Analysis
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 190-193  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030190.pdf
Lucchese F., Sales M., Schaldach M.
First Clinical Experience Using an Automatic Closed Loop System in DDDR Stimulation Controlled by Autonomous Nervous System
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 194-197  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030194.pdf
Andrade J., Andrade V., Brofman P., Falleiro R., Giublin P., Greco O., Lima H., Lourenco A., Lucchese F., Macedo Jr. A., Menezes Jr. A., Moraes A., Mota N., Pachón J., Tomás A., Sant'Anna J., Barbosa G.
DDDR Pacemaker in Binodal Disease Using a Cardiac Contractility Sensor
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 198-201  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030198.pdf
Rosada B., Wagner S., Kuschkowitz F., Buddensiek M., Laczkovics A., Stegmann T.
Monitoring the Function of the Heart Using the Monophasic Action Potential - Investigation in the Langendorff Perfused Rabbit Heart
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 202-206  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030202.pdf
Polgár P., Wórum F., Kovács P., Lorincz I., Kakuk G.
The Prognostic Value of Right Atrial Monophasic Action Potential After Conversion of Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 207-209  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030207.pdf
Gellér L., Szabó T., Kiss O., Merkely B.
Multiple Monophasic Action Potential Recording during Ischemia and Intracoronary Endothelin-1 Infusion - Similarities and Differences
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 210-215  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030210.pdf
Djajadisastra I., Weyers G., Schweizer P.
The Ventricular Evoked Response as Monitor for Adrenergic Stimulation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 216-220  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030216.pdf
Hutten H.
Evaluation of an Advanced Cardiac Telemonitoring System for Multicenter Studies Based on Data Transmission via Internet
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 221-224  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030221.pdf
Mahaux V., Demoulin J., Biessaux Y., Radermecker M., Schreier G., Legrand V., Limet R., Kulbertus H.
Computerized Heart Rejection Monitoring Using High Resolution Pacemaker Telemetry
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 225-227  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030225.pdf
Melczer L., Brolly M., Csontos C., Tekeres M.
Optimal Setting of AV Delay Guided by Thoracic Electric Bioimpedance
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 228-232  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030228.pdf
Böhm Á., Pintér A., Székely Á., Dudás G., Préda I.
Antiarrhythmic Effect of Atrial Pacing
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 233-235  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030233.pdf
Kutarski A., Schaldach M., Wójcik M., Oleszczak K., Glowniak A.
OLBI Stimulation in Biatrial Pacing? A Comparison of Acute Pacing and Sensing Conditions for Split Bipolar and Dual Cathodal Unipolar Configurations
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 236-240  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030236.pdf
Menezes Jr. A., Freitas A., De Melo C., Oliveira L., Tomás R., Ribeiro T., Schaldach M., Taskiran M.
Atrial Stimulation Using Floating Electrodes and a Counter Electrode in the Vena Cava Superior
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 241-244  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030241.pdf
Witte J., Baumann G., Stürzenbecher A.
Implantation of a Coronary Sinus Electrode for Permanent Left Ventricular Stimulation - A Case Report
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 245-247  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030245.pdf
Ravazzi A., Priolo C., Provera F., Diotallevi P., Audoglio R.
Improvement of Interventricular Activation Time Using Biphasic Pacing Pulses at Different Sites on Right Ventricle Septal Wall
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 248-253  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030248.pdf
Pachon M. J., Albornoz R., Pachon M. E., Gimenes V., Pachón M., Pachon M. J., Ramos F., Da Silva M., Sousa J., Jatene A.
Right Ventricular Bifocal Stimulation in Treatment of Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Heart Failure
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 254-262  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030254.pdf
Antonioli G., Sassara M., Toselli T., Guerra R., Scabbia E., Audoglio R.
First Clinical Experience with a New Pre-Shaped Single A-V Lead for Permanent DDD Pacing
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 263-266  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030263.pdf
Sassara M., Guerra R., Serraino L., Savelli S., Scabbia E., Audoglio M., Audoglio R.
Single A-V Lead Pacing in Dilated Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 267-269  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030267.pdf
Sassara M., Achilli A., Guerra R., Capezzuto A., Serraino L., De Luca F., Scabbia E., Audoglio R.
Long Term Follow-Up of Single Lead VDD Pacing -Evaluation of Occurrence of Atrial Complications in Chronic Treatment in 299 Patients
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 270-275  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030270.pdf
Sassara M., Igidbashian D., Melissano D., Orazi S., Del Giudice G., Cioffi I., Santarone M., Audoglio R.
Single Lead DDD Pacing Using OLBI Atrial Stimulation - Conclusive Results of the Italian Extensive Clinical Trial
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 273-277  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030273.pdf
Veneziani N., De Pasquale C., Coronelli G., Audoglio M., Audoglio R.
Reliability of Single Lead Permanent DDD Pacing with Atrial OLBI Stimulation - One Year Follow-up
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 278-281  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030278.pdf
Verlato R., Veneziani N., Pennetta A., Pilone P., Spampinato A., Cornacchia D., Audoglio R.
Side Effects Occurrence in Single Lead DDD Pacing - One Year Follow-up in 250 Patients Using OLBI Atrial Stimulation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 282-286  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030282.pdf
Novák M., Kamarýt P., Haeuser T., Mach P.
Simplifying Pacemaker Follow-Up Using Automatic Threshold Determination in Ventricle
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 287-290  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030287.pdf
Guilleman D., Bussillet H., Scanu P., Raguin D., Aisenfarb J., Bienvenu P., Meunier J., Canot N.
Output Adjustment with the DDD Pacemaker with Automatic Capture-Control Algorithm
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 291-294  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030291.pdf
Haase S., Dörffel E., Stammwitz E.
Clinical Investigation of an Automatic Capture Control Using the Ventricular Evoked Response
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 295-298  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030295.pdf
Ramchurn H., Berton F., Bouvy T., Zakhia R.
Reliability of Determining Ventricular Pacing Threshold by a Purely Automatic Method Using the Ventricular Evoked Response Signal
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 299-302  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030299.pdf
Cools F., van Twembeke R., Hemelhof H., Backers J.
Feasibility of Using Atrial Sensitivities below 0.5 mV in a DDD(R) Pacemaker with Mode-Switching Algorithm
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 303-306  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030303.pdf
Weinstock B., Maxson C., Walker S., Harrah L., Conner C.
Novel Method for Placement of Right Ventricular Pacing Lead - Initial Experience with the Right Ventricular Introducer Sheath
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 307-311  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030307.pdf
Anelli-Monti M., Mächler H., Oberwalder P., Keeling I., Dacar D.
Clinical Performance of the SYNOX High Impedance Pacemaker Lead
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 312-313  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030312.pdf
Bokern M., Res J., Van Engelen K., Kroon G.
Positive Results with a New Screw-in Electrode with Isolated Screw and Fractal Coating of the Ring: the RETROX Electrode in the Atrial Position
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 314-318  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030314.pdf
Novák M., Janousek J., Smola M., Psenicka M., Vanek I.
Performance of Epicardial Fractal Coated Leads: A Three-year Follow-Up
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 319-321  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030319.pdf
Redling F., Gellér L., Merkely B., Bieberle T., Schaldach M., Zerkowski H.
Atrial Defibrillation Using Heart Wires in a Canine Model
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 322-326  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030322.pdf
Revishvili A.
Active Discrimination of the Origin of Tachyarrhythmias in a Dual Chamber ICD
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 327-331  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030327.pdf
Hoh G., Tamm A., Zimmermann F., Dörr T., Podstufka T., Rieger G.
Validation of Heart Rate Variability Analysis Based on the RR Intervals Recorded by Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 332-335  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030332.pdf
Marosi E., Zima E., Kiss O., Szabó T., Gao Y., Horkay F., Gellér L., Merkely B.
Investigation of the Onset of Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias in Patients Treated with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 336-340  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030336.pdf
Merkely B., Lubinski A., Kiss O., Gellér L., Gyöngy T., Lewicka-Nowak E., Horkay F.
Effects of Class III Antiarrhythmic Drugs on Biphasic Shock Efficacy in Humans
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 341-344  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030341.pdf
Zima E., Gellér L., Kiss O., Szabó T., Bodor E., Merkely B.
Investigating Short Term Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 345-348  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030345.pdf
Vágó H., Merkely B., Gellér L., Kiss O., Szucs A., Wetzig T., Graf M., Schaldach M.
Simultaneous Monitoring of Monophasic Action Potentials during Radiofrequency Ablation with Fractally Coated Catheters in Dogs
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 349-352  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030349.pdf
Csanádi Z., Török Z., Földesi C., Sanády M.
Differential Diagnosis of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardias by Administration of Adenosine during Sinus Rhythm
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 353-355  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030353.pdf
Kriatselis H., Göhl K., Richter P., Helbig S., Huber C., Gottwik M.
Prevention of Far-Field Oversensing at High Atrial Sensitivity in Dual-Chamber Pacemaker
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 356-358  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030356.pdf
Ismer B., von Knorre G., Voss W.
A Simple Method for Programmer-Based Individualized AV-Delay Optimization
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 359-363  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030359.pdf
Trakht I., Semaguine A., Khokhlounov S., Shibanova M., Pavlova G., Goryachev V., Poliakov V.
Rate-Responsive Pacing in Patients with Angina Pectoris
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 364-366  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030364.pdf
Veneziani N., De Pasquale C., Ferlan G., Mannatrizio G., Veneziani A.
Pacemaker Implant in Dextrocardia with Right Superior Vena Cava and Persistence of Situs Inversus Viscerum - Case Report
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 367-370  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030367.pdf
Ebner E.
Tissue Velocity Imaging in the Investigation of Myocardial Structure and Function of the Right Ventricle
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 371-374  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030371.pdf
Ryzhikh A.
The Computer Simulation of the High Frequency Interference Influence on the Implantable Pacemakers
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 375-377  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030375.pdf
Semaguine A., Kazachansky V., Khokhlounov S., Shangin N., Pavlova G., Poliakov V.
Cardiac Pacemaker Infection: Management and Results
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 378-381  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030378.pdf
Antonioli G., Tarjan P., Lu C., Toselli T., Argnani M.
Non-Invasive Detection of Moment of Activation Using Laplacian Cardiac Electrogram Body Surface Mapping System
      Volume: 4  Issue: 3  Page: 382-387  Date: 1.6.1999
      PDF-link: 199904030382.pdf