Volume: 7
Issue: 3
Igidbashian D.
Atrial Resynchronization for Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation - Where Do We Stand Today?
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 155-160  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030155.pdf
Malinowski K., Schaffar C.
Observation of Biotronik Congestive Heart Failure Systems (BEATLE): First Results of a Post-Market Surveillance
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 161-166  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030161.pdf
Greco O., Cardinalli Neto A., Greco R., Parro jr. A., Salis F.
Management of a Patient With Atrial Fibrillation and Heart Failure: Success Using a Multisite Bifocal Pacemaker in the Right Ventricle
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 166-173  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030166.pdf
de Voir C., Schomburg R., Ramachandran C., Lessard C.
A New Approach for an Automated ECG-Morphology Based Dual Chamber Capture Detector
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 174-178  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030174.pdf
Ishikawa Y., Mochimaru F.
Wavelet Theory-Based Analysis of High-Frequency, High-Resolution Electrocardiograms: A New Concept for Clinical Uses
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 179-184  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030179.pdf
Mochimaru F., Fujimoto Y., Ishikawa Y.
Detecting the Fetal Electrocardiogram by Wavelet Theory-Based Methods
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 185-193  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030185.pdf
Hensel B.
The Virtual Heart: Physiology and Pathophysiology in Computers
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 194-198  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030194.pdf
Müssig D., Hensel B.
Mechanism for the Excitation of Myocardial Tissue: Results Based on a Three-Dimensional Numerical Model
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 199-203  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030199.pdf
Grigioni M., Daniele C., D' Avenio G., Pontrelli G.
The Role of Wall Shear Stress in Unsteady Vascular Dynamics
      Volume: 7  Issue: 3  Page: 204-212  Date: 1.9.2002
      PDF-link: 200207030204.pdf