Volume: 6
Issue: 5
Merkely B.
Potential Benefits of Combining Multisite Pacing and ICD Therapy for Hemodynamic and Antiarrhythmic Results
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 344-347  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050344.pdf
Simor T., Toth L., Petro K., Papp L., Repa I.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Etiology Diagnostics of Ventricular Arrhythmia
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 348-352  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050348.pdf
Szili-Torok T., Theuns D., Klootwijk P., Scholten M., Kimman G., Jordaens L.
Biventricular Pacing: A Promising Therapeutic Alternative for Patients with Severe Congestive Heart Failure
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 353-357  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050353.pdf
Kainz W.
Preventive Pacing in Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 358-362  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050358.pdf
Konz K., Hansen S.
Optimizing the Philos Overdrive Step Size: The Concept of the OPOSS Multicenter Study
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 363-369  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050363.pdf
Böhm Á.
Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: Evidence Favoring Rate Control
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 370-373  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050370.pdf
Melczer L., Lorincz I.
Biatrial Stimulation and the Prevention of Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 374-378  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050374.pdf
Kaplan A., Skodacek K., Snell J.
Efficacy of a New Discrimination Algorithm: Results from a Multicenter Dual-Chamber ICD Clinical Trial
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 379-385  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050379.pdf
Greco O., Cardinalli Neto A., Soares M., Brandi A., Santos C., Brandi J., Braile D.
ICD Treatment in Patients with Severe Ventricular Tachycardia
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 386-390  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050386.pdf
Fazekas T., Liszkai G.
Ventricular Proarrhythmias Induced by Antiarrhythmic Drugs, Non-Cardiovascular Agents, and Implantable Antiarrhythmia Devices
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 391-396  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050391.pdf
Vijay N., De Metz K., Dolan M., Skodacek K., Adams B.
A Prospective Multicenter Study Demonstrating Safety and Effectiveness of Closed Loop Stimulation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 397-401  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050397.pdf
Hartmann A., Löscher S., Hansen S.
Optimizing the Philos Mode-Switching Resynchronization: The Concept of the OPHIR Multicenter Study
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 402-408  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050402.pdf
Ravazzi A., Diotallevi P., Provera M., Brandolisio L., Zanchetta L., Militello C., Audoglio R.
AV-Delay Optimization According to the Right Ventricular Intracardiac Impedance
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 409-412  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050409.pdf
Dünninger E.
Long-Term Results with 3.5 mm2Fractal Coated Tined Electrodes
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 413-416  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050413.pdf
Merkely B.
Developing a New Electrode System for Detection of the Repolarization Processes of the Heart
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 417-425  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050417.pdf
Rohla M., Glaser F., Kronik G.
Ablation of Atrial Tachycardia and Atrial Flutter in Adults
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 426-430  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050426.pdf
Pintér A.
Advances in the Catheter Ablation of Isthmus-Dependent Atrial Flutter
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 431-434  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050431.pdf
Károlyi L., Otto T., Hansen C., Spitzer S.
Advanced Mapping and Navigation Techniques for Radiofrequency Ablation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 435-438  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050435.pdf
Zhao H., Van Humbeeck J., De Scheerder I.
Surface Conditioning of NiTi and Ta Stents
      Volume: 6  Issue: 5  Page: 439-448  Date: 1.9.2001
      PDF-link: 200106050439.pdf