Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Diem B., Lang V., Mlynski M., Hanrath P., Schaldach M., Ameling W.
Computer Aided, Patient-Oriented Programming of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 1-5  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010001.pdf
Niederlag W.
Communication Technologies for Improvement of Pacemaker Therapy
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 6-12  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010006.pdf
Schuchert A., Bondke H., Zerm T.
Experiences with a New VDD Defibrillation Lead for Dual-Chamber Defibrillators: Implant and Discharge Data
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 13-16  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010013.pdf
Merkely B., Vágó H., Zima E., Gellér L.
Multichamber Pacing in Patients with an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 17-24  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010017.pdf
Lawo T., Lemke B., Barmeyer J.
First Implantation of the Triplos LV Three-Chamber Pacemaker: A Case-Report
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 25-30  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010025.pdf
Malinowski K., Krätschmer H., Schaldach M.
Multisite Stimulation: Long-Term Performance of Coronary Sinus Leads
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 31-34  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010031.pdf
Kutarski A., Wójcik M., Schaldach M.
A New Lead Connection Configuration for the Possibility of Biatrial Pacing Triggered by Left Atrial Events Using a Dual-Chamber Pacemaker
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 35-47  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010035.pdf
Szendey I., Konz K., Larbig D.
Overdrive Pacing as an Effective Tool for Suppressing Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation: Two Case Reports
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 48-53  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010048.pdf
Bokeria L., Revishvili A.
Clinical Experience with Thoracoscopic and Minimally Invasive Surgery of Arrhythmias
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 54-59  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010054.pdf
Res J., Meijer A., Bracke F., van Gelder B.
Atrial Intracardiac Cardioversion and Ibutilide in Patients with Persistent Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Interventional Electrophysiological Procedures
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 60-66  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010060.pdf
Gellér L., Kiss O., Vágó H., Zima E., Szucs A., Andrássy-Bogdán T., Soós P., Szabó T.
Mixed Endothelin A/B Receptor Antagonist Bosentan and Endothelin A Receptor Antagonist LU 135.252 Suppresses Intrapericardial Endothelin-1 Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 67-70  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010067.pdf
Pfeiffer D.
The Ventricular Evoked Response in Pacemaker Therapy
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 71-80  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010071.pdf
Griesbach L., Gestrich B.
Restoration of Circadian Variation and Physiologic Rate Behaviour through Closed Loop Stimulation: RAPID Study Findings
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 81-86  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010081.pdf
Ebner E., Krätschmer H., Schaldach M.
Performance of Closed Loop Stimulation in Hypertrophic and Dilated Hearts
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 87-93  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010087.pdf
Bieberle T., Hensel B., Schaldach M.
Information Transfer in a Sinus Node Cell Model
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 94-101  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010094.pdf
Hutten H., Rauchegger G., Hribernigg M.
Risk Monitoring Using Implant Technology for ECG Recording and Computer-Assisted Signal Processing
      Volume: 6  Issue: 1  Page: 102-106  Date: 1.1.2001
      PDF-link: 200106010102.pdf