Volume: 5
Issue: 3
Rzany A., Harder C., Schaldach M.
Silicon Carbide as an Anti-Thrombogenic Stent Coating: An Example of a Science-Based Development Strategy
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 168-178  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030168.pdf
Wendler-Kalsch E., Mueller H., Bonner S.
Corrosion Behavior of Stents Coated with Gold and a-SiC:H
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 179-183  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030179.pdf
Schmiedl R., Schaldach M.
X-Ray Imaging of Coronary Stents
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 184-196  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030184.pdf
Schmitz K., Schmidt W., Behrens P., Behrend D., Lootz D., Graf B.
In-Vitro Examination of Clinically Relevant Stent Parameters
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 197-203  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030197.pdf
Schmidt W., Schmitz K., Behrens P., Behrend D., Lootz D.
Is a Standardized Measurement of the Elastic Recoil of Coronary Stents under Vascular Conditions Necessary and Meaningful?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 204-210  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030204.pdf
van Oeveren W., Schoen P., Maijers C.
Blood Compatibility of Metals and Alloys Used in Medical Devices
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 211-214  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030211.pdf
Heublein B., Krecksch R., Pethig K., Haverich A., van Birgelin C.
Coronary Stenting in Cardiac Allograft Vasculopathy: The Impact of Silicon-Carbide Coating on Luminal Re-Obstruction
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 215-220  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030215.pdf
Hanekamp C., Koolen J.
Coated Stents in Small Coronary Vessels - A Successful Strategy?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 221-223  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030221.pdf
Carrie D., Khalife K., Hamon M., Citron B., Monassier J., Sabatier R., Mourali S., Sarfaty L., Elbaz M., Fourcade J., Puel J.
Initial and Follow-Up Results of the Tenax Coronary Stent
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 224-228  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030224.pdf
Bonnier J.
Stent Coating or Brachytherapy? Their Future Role in Endovascular Therapy of Coronary Artery Disease
      Volume: 5  Issue: 3  Page: 229-232  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005030229.pdf