Volume: 3
Issue: 4
Schaldach M.
Therapy of Atrial Tachyarrhythmia by Cardiac Pacing
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 177-183  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040177.pdf
Kutarski A., Oleszczak K., Poleszak K.
Permanent CS Pacing from the Ring of Standard BP Leads
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 184-192  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040184.pdf
Witte J., Reibis R., Bondke H., Baumann G.
Biatrial Pacing for Prevention of Lone Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 193-196  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040193.pdf
Malinowski K., Witte J.
Analysis of Atrial Conduction Times with Single Lead Stimulation
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 197-201  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040197.pdf
Pella J., Stopek D., Rybárová E., Fedáková L., Stancák B., Bodnár J.
Plasma Norepinephrine and Ventricular Tachycardia
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 202-206  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040202.pdf
Kirkutis A., Bredikis J., Kietzmann R.
First Transvenous ICD Implantation in Lithuania
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 207-209  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040207.pdf
Vaskelyte J., Medzevicius A., Kazakevicius T., Puodziukynas A.
Clinical Experience with Closed Loop Pacing Systems in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 210-213  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040210.pdf
Lawo T., Lemke B., Barmeyer J., Wagner S., Schaldach M.
Closed Loop Stimulation during Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise Tests: First Experiences in Two Cases
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 214-218  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040214.pdf
Ruppert T., Hubmann M., Lang E.
Improving Cardiac Performance by Restoring Chronotropic Competence through Closed Loop Stimulation - A One-Case Report
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 219-223  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040219.pdf
Le Helloco A.
Influence of Postural Position, Respiratory Maneuvers and Exercise on Atrial Electrograms
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 224-228  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040224.pdf
Lazarus A.
Far-Field R-Wave Sensing
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 229-231  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040229.pdf
Ebner E.
Influence of AV-Delay on the Intracardiac Signal of Pacemaker Patients with Different Cardiac Diseases
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 232-236  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040232.pdf
Sant'Anna J., Prati R., Kalil R., Prates P., Nesralla I., Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H., Schaldach M.
The Ventricular Evoked Response in Patients Paced for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy-Initial Results
      Volume: 3  Issue: 4  Page: 237-243  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803040237.pdf