Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Braile D.
Cardiomyoplasty – Still a Promising Technique?
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 1-3  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010001.pdf
Brachmann J.
Primary Prevention of Sudden Cardiac Death – Implications on ICD Functionality
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 4-9  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010004.pdf
Pesce R., Valero E., Garillo R., Martinez M.
Preliminary Results from the Implantation and Follow-up of 279 Cardioverter-Defibrillators: The Latin American Biotronik Ongoing Registry
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 10-14  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010010.pdf
Machado C., Gering L., Bailey W., Steinberg J., Skodacek K., De Metz K.
Incidence of Delayed Conversion in Response to Atrial Therapy in a Multicenter Atrial Conversion Therapy ICD Trial
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 15-18  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010015.pdf
Krätschmer H., Hensel B.
Simulation of Ischemic Substrate Conditions Using a Model of the Human Atria
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 19-29  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010019.pdf
Anosov O., Berdyshev S., Khassanov I., Hensel B.
Electrical Excitation Waves in the Myocardium: The Equivalent Dispersion Dependence
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 30-39  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010030.pdf
Bocchiardo M., Caponi D., Di Donna P., Scaglione M., Corgniati G., Alciati M., Miceli S., Gaita F., Libero L., Militello C., Audoglio R.
Intracardiac Ventricular Impedance as a Tool for Optimizing Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 40-43  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010040.pdf
Löscher S., Hansen S., Kaltofen G., Schubert H., Bodnár J., El Allaf D., Lukac P., Hauser T., Hartmann A.
Pacemaker Programming in Clinical Practice: Three Months Interim Results from the Philos Register
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 44-50  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010044.pdf
Ismer B., Voss W., Placke J., Kabaev U., Körber T., von Knorre G., Nienaber C., Gaggini G.
Can the Optimal Atrioventricular Delay Be Predicted Intraoperatively by a Beat-to-Beat Recording of the Peak Endocardial Acceleration?
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 51-55  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010051.pdf
Cazzin R., Sciarra L., Milan D., Paparella G., Scalise T.
Biventricular Pacing: A Simplified Implantation Technique
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 56-59  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010056.pdf
Ismer B., Voss W., Weber F., Körber T., Schneider H., von Knorre G., Nienaber C.
A Simplified Hemodynamic Study to Evaluate the Effects of Biventricular and Left Ventricular Pacing Prior to a Pacemaker Upgrade
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 60-63  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010060.pdf
Res J., Pao-Han T.
Imaging in Cardiology: Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation During Pacemaker Implantation
      Volume: 8  Issue: 1  Page: 64-66  Date: 1.3.2003
      PDF-link: 200308010064.pdf