Volume: 7
Issue: 1
Hensel B.
Progress in Biomedical Research –Physics and Engineering for Life
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 1-2  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010001.pdf
Niehaus M., Thuermer G., Hoeper K., De Sousa M., Raymondos K., Goetze A., Korte T., Tebbenjohanns J.
Long-Term Evaluation of a VDD Lead for Dual-Chamber ICD Systems in an Animal Study
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 3-9  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010003.pdf
Bokeria L., Revishvili A.
Multichamber Implantable Devices: Clinical Data and Concepts for Future Development
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 10-18  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010010.pdf
Greco O., Neto A., Soares M., Santos C., Brandi A., Brandi J., Pavarino P., Mata P., Domingos T., Peruchi M., Braile D.
Case Report: Dual-Chamber Cardioverter-Defibrillator Implantation Using a Single-Pass VDD Lead
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 19-21  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010019.pdf
Hintringer F., Pachinger O.
Interactive Simulator for Evaluating the Detection Algorithms of Implantable Defibrillators
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 22-26  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010022.pdf
Evtushenko A., Shipulin V., Antonchenko I., Popov S., Kniasev M., Kniaseva E., Suchodolo I., Plechanov I., Karpov R.
Long-Term Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation After Mitral Valve Replacement and Left Atrial Ablation (Reasons and Mechanisms)
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 27-31  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010027.pdf
Sant'Anna J., Prates P., Kalil R., Prates P., Moretto M., Sant'Anna R., Nesralla I.
Robotic-Assisted Thoracoscopic Implantation of an Epimyocardial Lead for Biventricular Pacing
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 32-36  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010032.pdf
Cox E.
Single-Lead DDD Pacing with Two Ring Electrodes in the Right Atrium and One Ring in the Superior Vena Cava
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 37-41  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010037.pdf
Schier M., Hensel B.
Description of Cardiac Hemodynamics Using a Physical Model: Pressure-Volume Diagrams and the Effect of AV Delay
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 42-48  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010042.pdf
Christ T., Ravens U.
Rate-Adaptive Pacing Based on Contraction Dynamics: A View from Basic Electrophysiology
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 49-54  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010049.pdf
Gestrich B., Meyer P., Schleich A., Griesbach L., Wojciechowski D., Dänschel W., Unger T., Schier M., Danilovic D.
Influence of Closed-Loop Pacemaker Implantation on Patients' Quality of Life: RAPID Study Findings
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 55-62  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010055.pdf
Ravazzi A., Diotallevi P., Sassara M., Ficili S., Meier J., Militello C., Brandolisio L., Audoglio R.
Post-Pulse Sodium Spike as a Marker of Cardiac Capture: From Modeling to Clinical Evidence
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 63-69  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010063.pdf
Bokern M., Res J., Prazsky A.
Imaging in Cardiology: EEG Abnormalities During Cardiac Syncope and Spontaneous Recovery
      Volume: 7  Issue: 1  Page: 70-73  Date: 1.3.2002
      PDF-link: 200207010070.pdf