Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Christ G.
Cardiac Resynchronization in Congestive Heart Failure
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 256-263  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040256.pdf
Brofman P., Bauer V., Milali R., Giffhorn H., Jorge J., Maia F., Zarza R.
Heart Resynchronization in CHF Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy Using a Rate-Responsive Pacemaker Controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 264-268  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040264.pdf
Konz K., Szendey I., El Allaf D., Brachmann J., Schibgilla V., Attuel P.
Efficacy of DDD+Mode in the Prevention of Paroxysmal Atrial Tachyarrhythmias: Interim Results of a Multicenter European Study
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 269-275  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040269.pdf
Anelli-Monti M., Mächler H., Grasser B., Oberwalder P., Knez I., Streinu C., Salaymeh L.
Septal Versus Non-Septal Right-Atrial Pacing
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 276-279  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040276.pdf
Kutarski A., Oleszczak K., Wójcik M., Widomska-Czekajska T.
Atrial Resynchronization Using a Single Lead: The New Concept of Septal Pacing Triggered by the Onset of Atrial Excitation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 280-295  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040280.pdf
Chudzik M., Wranicz J., Cygankiewicz I., Kargul W.
Reduction of Tachycardia Episodes in Patients with Chronic Atrial Fibrillation by Right Ventricular Pacing
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 296-302  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040296.pdf
Wojciechowski D., Fauser C., Brückner S., Griesbach L.
Clinical Results of Contractility-Based Closed Loop Stimulation in Patients Treated with Beta-Blockers
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 303-307  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040303.pdf
Andrade J., Andrade V., Azambuja P., Barbosa G., Falleiro R., Fragomeni L., Jazbik J., Motta N., Tomas A.
Cardiac Pacing with Heart Rate Variation in Closed Loop Systems: Long-term Evaluation
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 308-311  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040308.pdf
Martinelli Filho M., Nishioka S., Lopes H., Oliveira J., Pedrosa A., Siqueira S., Costa R.
Cardiac Pacemakers Controlled by Autonomic Nervous System-Driven Sensor and Related Neurohumoral Aspects
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 312-317  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040312.pdf
Aubert A., Beckers F., Ramaekers D.
Autonomic Cardiac Control in Athletes and Non-Athletes at Rest
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 318-321  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040318.pdf
Nürnberg M., Steinbach K., Hansen S., Wildau H.
A Comparison of Single-Lead VDD Pacing with Two-Lead DDD Pacing in Patients with AV Block
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 322-329  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040322.pdf
Pontrelli G.
Modeling the Fluid-Wall Interaction in a Blood Vessel
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 330-338  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040330.pdf
Res J., Abels R., Kroon G., Vos H.
Imaging in Cardiology – Atrial Lead Implantation During Atrial Flutter
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 339-340  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040339.pdf
Res J., Bronzwaer P., Vos H.
Imaging in Cardiology – Retraction of a Perforated Lead: Recognition and Natural Course
      Volume: 6  Issue: 4  Page: 341-343  Date: 1.6.2001
      PDF-link: 200106040341.pdf