Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Heublein B.
Coronary Stenting: A Breakthrough Technology or Just Another Step to Improve the Luminal Appearance ? – The Need for an Improved Late Response
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 1-5  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030001.pdf
Rzany A., Schaldach M.
Smart Material Silicon Carbide: Reduced Activation of Cells and Proteins on a-SiC:H-coated Stainless Steel
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 182-194  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030182.pdf
van Oeveren W.
Polyethylene and Silicon Carbide Coated Steel Promote Less Complement Activation and Platelet or Leukocyte Adhesion than Medical Steel and Silicone Rubber Material
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 195-201  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030195.pdf
Stoll H., Scheller B.
A Potential "In-Stent Restenosis Model" Evaluating the Kinetics of Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation on Metallic Surfaces In Vitro
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 202-207  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030202.pdf
Mehta H., Windecker S., Meier B.
Carotid Artery Stenting
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 208-214  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030208.pdf
Wieneke H., Haude M., Erbel R., Fischer A., Brauer H., Dirsch O., Sawitowski T.
Stent Coatings – What Are the Real Differences?
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 215-221  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030215.pdf
Bayer G., Hartwig S., Nagel M., Tittelbach M., Rzany A., Schaldach M.
Future Strategies for Antiproliferative Stent Coatings
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 222-225  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030222.pdf
Schmiedl R., Harder C., Schaldach M.
Progress in Biomedical Engineering: How Can We Proceed?
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 226-236  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030226.pdf
Koop K., Lootz D., Kranz C., Momma C., Becher B., Kieckbusch M.
Stent Material Nitinol – Determination of Characteristics and Component Simulation Using the Finite Element Method
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 237-245  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030237.pdf
Schmidt W., Behrens P., Behrend D., Schmitz K., Andresen R.
Experimental Study of Peripheral, Balloon-expandable Stent Systems
      Volume: 6  Issue: 3  Page: 246-255  Date: 1.5.2001
      PDF-link: 200106030246.pdf