Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Schaldach M.
Expert Pacing System
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 336-348  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050336.pdf
Brofman P., Bauer V., Milani R., Gifhorn H., Maia F., Chamma M., Moura Jorge J.
Congestive Heart Failure: Therapeutic Alternative with Artificial Cardiac Stimulation
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 349-352  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050349.pdf
Galvao Jr. S., Barcelos C., Vasconcelos J., Arnez M., Couceiro K., Campos L., Sbaraine E., Lyra M., Souza F.
Ventricular Resynchronization by Left Ventricular Stimulation in Patients with Refractory Dilated Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 353-358  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050353.pdf
Sant'Anna J., Barbisan J., Kalil R., Nesralla I., Kastner P., Hutten H., Schaldach M.
Intramyocardial Electrograms in the Evaluation of Biventricular Pacing for Dilated Cardiomyopathy - A Case Report
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 359-365  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050359.pdf
Brofman P.
Impact of the Ventricular Evoked Response on Heart Transplants
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 366-371  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050366.pdf
Kutarski A., Oleszak K., Wójcik M., Rucnski P.
Resynchronizing and Antiarrhythmic Effects of High-Energy Bipolar Coronary Sinus Pacing
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 372-384  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050372.pdf
Menezes Jr. A., Oliveira L., Melo C., Freitas Jr. A.
Heart Rate Variability and Autonomic Nervous System Response in Hypertensive Patients with and without ACE Inhibitors Treatment
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 385-388  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050385.pdf
Freitas Jr. A., Melo C., Oliveira L., Menezes Jr. A.
Diagnostic Value of Heart Rate Variability in the Indeterminate Chagas' Disease: Potential for an Early Detection of Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 389-392  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050389.pdf
Gomes C.
Heart Rate Response Using Closed Loop Stimulation in Chagasic Patients
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 393-397  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050393.pdf
Cools F.
Far-Field R-Wave Sensing in a DDD(R) Pacemaker with a Mode Switching Algorithm
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 398-402  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050398.pdf
Res J., Van Engelen C., Pao-Han T.
Pacemaker Function Assessed by External Holter ECGRecording: A High Rate of Mild Malfunction
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 403-409  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050403.pdf
Melo C., Oliveira L., Freitas Jr. A., Menezes Jr. A.
Comparison of Chronic Clinical Performance of Fractal Coated and Polished Screw-In Electrodes
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 410-412  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050410.pdf
Bockeria L., Revishvili A., Polyakova I.
The Evaluation of Myocardial Lesions after Radiofrequency Ablation Using Electrophysiological and Biochemical Markers
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 413-417  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050413.pdf
Res J., Kroon G.
Imaging in Cardiology – Lead Constriction
      Volume: 5  Issue: 5  Page: 418-419  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005050418.pdf