Volume: 5
Issue: 4
Pachon M. J., Albornoz R., Pachon M. E., Gimenes V., Pachon M. J., Pachon M., Medeiros P., Ramos F. E., Sousa J., Jatene A.
Reduction of Mitral Regurgitation by Endocardial Right Ventricular Bifocal Pacing in Cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 233-238  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040233.pdf
Ebner E., Krätschmer H.
The Ventricular Evoked Response as Clinical Marker in Patients with Dilatative Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 239-244  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040239.pdf
Arthur W., Kaye G.
Intracardiac Impedance and Tiered Therapy for Ventricular Arrhythmias
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 245-249  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040245.pdf
Lawo T., Lemke B., Barmeyer J., Rosada B., Wagner S., Buddensiek M.
The Investigation of Exponential and Rectangular Monophasic Defibrillation Pulses in the Langendorff-Perfused Rabbit Heart
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 250-253  Date: 1.10.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040250.pdf
Fetsch T., Podstufka T., Rieger G.
Analysis of Heart Rate Variability from RR-Interval Recordings of Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 254-258  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040254.pdf
Schaldach M.
Fractal Coated Leads: Advanced Surface Technology for Genuine Sensing and Pacing
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 259-272  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040259.pdf
Pfeiffer D., Fengler A., Wallbrück K.
The Ventricular Evoked Response and Adrenergic Stimulation: First Results of a Multicenter Clinical Study
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 273-279  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040273.pdf
Kuly S., Schibgilla V., Hartung U., Mang S., Wilhelm M., Schlegel M., Daniel W.
Evaluation of Closed Loop Stimulation through Symptom-Limited Exercise Testing of DDD-CLS versus DDD Pacing
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 280-283  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040280.pdf
Nishioka S., Martinelli Filho M., Lopes H., Contim F., Costa R.
Neurohumoral Behavior in Cardiac Pacemaker Patients Controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System with Closed Loop Stimulation
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 284-291  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040284.pdf
Zecchi P., Bellocci F., Sanna T., Di Martino G., Alviti M., Audoglio R.
Closed Loop Stimulation vs. Conventional DDDR Pacing: Benefits of Hemodynamic Pacing
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 292-296  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040292.pdf
Kutarski A., Wójcik M., Oleszczak K.
How Useful are Telemetrically Obtained Intracardiac Electrocardiograms for Evaluating Atrial Conduction Disturbances in Patients with an Implanted Biatrial Pacing System?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 297-306  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040297.pdf
Schuchert A., Meinertz T., Wagner S.
Continuous Atrial Rate Monitoring for Atrial Rate Variability Measurements with an Implanted Dual-Chamber Pacemaker
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 307-310  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040307.pdf
Guyomar Y., Graux P., Carlioz R., Moulin C., Dutoit A.
Acute Evaluation of the Post Atrial Stimulation Evoked Response at Various Sites
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 311-317  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040311.pdf
van Kalmthout P., Res J.
Ease of Handling with a Single Pass Lead Versus Atrial Tracking Functions: A Single Center Experience with the SOLOX VDD Lead
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 318-324  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040318.pdf
Antonioli G., Toselli T., Sassara M., Scabbia E., Audoglio R.
Permanent DDD Pacing with a Pre-Shaped Single AV Lead
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 325-329  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040325.pdf
Cioffi L., Zamparelli G., De Vivo S., Settembre A., Audoglio R.
Back-up Atrial Stimulation in Single Lead VDD Pacing: Experience with 152 Patients Implanted at a Single Center
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 330-333  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040330.pdf
Res J.
Imaging in Cardiology – Persistens of Vena Cava Superior
      Volume: 5  Issue: 4  Page: 334-335  Date: 1.6.2000
      PDF-link: 200005040334.pdf