Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Christ T., Wettwer E., Himmel H., Wallukat G., Ravens U.
Sera Antibodies of Patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Arrhythmogenic Potential due to Delay in the Final Repolarization Phase
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 68-72  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020068.pdf
Kutarski A., Wójcik M., Oleszczak K., Schaldach M.
What is the Optimal Configuration for Permanent Biatrial Pacing?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 73-83  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020073.pdf
Res J., van Woersem R.
The Role of Transesophageal Atrial Stimulation in the Evaluation of Supraventricular Tachycardias
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 84-95  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020084.pdf
Malinowski K.
The Benefits of Upgrading a Pacemaker from Right-Ventricular to Biventricular Pacing in Congestive Heart Failure: A Case Report
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 96-99  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020096.pdf
Revishvili A., Thong T., Schaldach M.
A New Dual Chamber Cardioverter-Defibrillator with Left Atrial Pacing Support
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 100-106  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020100.pdf
Merkely B., Witte J.
Clinical Results with the Dual-Chamber Cardioverter Defibrillator Phylax AV - Efficacy of the SMART I Discrimination Algorithm
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 107-112  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020107.pdf
Hoh G.
Programmed Shock Energy and Safety Margin - A Contradiction in Prophylactic Systems?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 113-118  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020113.pdf
Revishvili A., Bazaev V., Kabaev U., Kuptsov V., Noskova M.
First Clinical Experience with a "Cooled" Catheter RF Ablation of Right Ventricular Outflow Tract Tachycardia
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 119-122  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020119.pdf
Ruppert T., Hubmann M., Lang E.
Closed Loop Stimulation is Sensitive to the Valsalva Maneuver
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 123-125  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020123.pdf
Zecchi P., Bellocci F., Ravazzi A., Diotallevi P., Audoglio R.
Closed Loop Stimulation: A New Philosophy of Pacing
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 126-131  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020126.pdf
Igidbashian D., Sassara M., Veneziani N., Verlato R., Toselli T., Cioffi L., Audoglio R.
VDD Pacing With a Conventional Straight Single AV Lead and Back-up DDD OLBI Stimulation - Results of the Italian Extensive Clinical Trial
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 132-139  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020132.pdf
Pioger G., Lazarus A.
A Fractal Coated, 1.3 mm2High Impedance Pacing Electrode: Results from a Multicenter Clinical Trial
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 140-144  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020140.pdf
Zimmermann F., Tiroke A., Langhans I., Wieckhorst A., Simon R., Wagner S.
The Recording of Monophasic Action Potentials with Fractal Coated Quadripolar Catheters
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 145-148  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020145.pdf
Nägele H., Rödiger W., Thiel M., Wagner S., Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H.
Noninvasive Patient Monitoring After Heart Transplantation Using the Ventricular Evoked Response - the Hamburg Experience
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 149-152  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020149.pdf
Hutten H., Rauchegger G., Kastner P.
The Potential of Advanced Information Technology for Telemonitoring of Heart Patients
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 153-162  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020153.pdf
Carrie D., Khalife K., Hamon M., Citron B., Monassier J., Sabatier R., Mourali S., Sarfaty L., Lipecki J., Elbaz M., Fourcade J., Puel J.
Initial and Follow-up Results of the Tenax Coronary Stent
      Volume: 5  Issue: 2  Page: 163-167  Date: 1.4.2000
      PDF-link: 200005020163.pdf