Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Schaldach M.
Medical Progress Requires Interdisciplinary Cooperation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 0-4  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010000.pdf
Heublein B.
Catheter-based Cardiovascular Therapy — The Impact of Stenting in Coronary Artery Disease
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 1-6  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010001.pdf
Urbaszek W.
Interventional Cardiology — Where Are We Ballooning?
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 7-16  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010007.pdf
van Oeveren W., Schoen P., Maijers C., Monnink S., Van Boven A.
Hemocompatibility of Stents
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 17-22  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010017.pdf
Unverdorben M., Vallbracht C.
Stents in the Second Decade — Meshes Maturate?
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 23-31  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010023.pdf
Kranz C., Kahl S.
Optimization of Stent Design by Finite-element Modeling
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 32-38  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010032.pdf
Momma C., Knop U., Nolte S.
Laser Cutting of Slotted Tube Coronary Stents – State-of-the-Art and Future Developments
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 39-44  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010039.pdf
Schmidt W., Behrens P., Behrend D., Schmitz K.
Measurement of Mechanical Properties of Coronary Stents according to the European Standard prEN 12006-3
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 45-51  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010045.pdf
Schmitz K., Behrend D., Behrens P., Schmidt W.
Comparative Studies of Different Stent Designs
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 52-58  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010052.pdf
Rzany A., Schaldach M.
Physical Properties of Antithrombogenic Materials – An Electronic Model of Contact Activation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 59-70  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010059.pdf
Harder C., Rzany A., Schaldach M.
Coating of Vascular Stents with Antithrombogenic Amorphous Silicon Carbide
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 71-77  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010071.pdf
van Oeveren W.
Reduced Deposition of Blood Formed Elements and Fibrin onto Amorphous Silicon Carbide Coated Stainless Steel
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 78-83  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010078.pdf
Rzany A., Bayer G., Schaldach M., Hahn C., Uttich T., Müller P.
Fibrin Formation on Silicon Carbide – A Molecular Level Study with Scanning Force Microscopy
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 84-89  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010084.pdf
Hanekamp C., Bonnier H., Michels R., Peels K., Heijmen E., Van Hagen E., Koolen J., Thomas M., de Belder M., Northridge D., Oldroyd K., Norrel M.
Initial Results and Long-Term Clinical Follow-up of a Silicon Carbide Coated Stent
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 90-95  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010090.pdf
Hanekamp C., Bonnier H., Michels R., Van Hagen E., Koolen J.
Low Target Vessel Revascularization after Intracoronary Silicon Carbide Coated Stent Implantation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 96-98  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010096.pdf
Carrie D., Khalife K., Grollier G., Monassier J., Citron B., Foucarde J., Puel J.
Preliminary Experience with the TENAX Coronary Stent
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 99-102  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010099.pdf
Khalife K., Aboujaoude F., Rinaldi J., Boursier M.
Primary Stenting with no Predilatation – A Pilot Study with the TENAX Coronary Stent
      Volume: 4  Issue: 1  Page: 103-105  Date: 1.2.1999
      PDF-link: 199904010103.pdf