Volume: 1
Issue: 4
Fröhlich R., Wetzig T., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
The Fractally Coated Lead as Implantable Sensor for Monophasic Action Potentials
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 44-48  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040044.pdf
Dauer W., Fröhlich R., Müssig D., Wetzig T., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
High Resolution Monitoring of Intracardiac Signals with a DDD-Pacemaker
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 50-55  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040050.pdf
Zrenner B., De la Chaux R., Müssig D., Götz M., Schreieck J., Schmitt C.
Primary Results with Ir-coated Electrodes applied to the Rabbit Heart in modified Langendorff-Experiment
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 56-59  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040056.pdf
Pichlmaier A., Harringer W., Haverich A., Lang V., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
Prediction of the Onset of Atrial Fibrillation after Cardiac Surgery Using the Monophasic Action Potential
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 60-65  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040060.pdf
Merkely B., Pichlmaier A., Wetzig T., Lang V., Ströbel J., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
Medication Therapy Control by MAP Monitoring
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 66-69  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040066.pdf
Merkely B., Gellér L., Jukas-Nagy A., Lang V., Ströbel J., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
Monitoring of Antiarrhythmic Drugs with the Monophasic Action Potential and the Ventricular Evoked Response
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 70-76  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040070.pdf
Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H., Schaldach M., Grasser B., Iberer F., Tscheliessnigg K.
Ventricular Evoked Responses versus Spontaneous Ventricular Electrograms for Long-term Cardiac Monitoring
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 77-83  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040077.pdf
Weiss I., Urbaszek A., Schaldach M.
A Model Study of Cardiac Early Afterdepolarizations
      Volume: 1  Issue: 4  Page: 84-93  Date: 1.12.1996
      PDF-link: 199601040084.pdf