Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Kutarski A., Rucinski P., Meyer J.
First Clinical Experience with a Novel Three-Chamber Pacemaker for Biatrial, Atrioventricular Synchronous Pacing
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 1-10  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010001.pdf
Khassanov I., Anosov O., Hensel B., Petersen S.
Equivalent Dispersion Dependence – a New Diagnostic Algorithm Concept for Pacemakers
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 11-15  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010011.pdf
Rzany A., Hensel B.
Activation of Cells During Contact with Solid Surfaces
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 16-22  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010016.pdf
Wagner S., Hensel B.
Defibrillation Simulations in an Inhomogeneous Bidomain Model
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 23-30  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010023.pdf
Garillo R., Dubner S., Greco O., Sendra V., Freire D., Helguera M., Seoane C., Pugliese E., Galvao Jr. S.
Predictors of Mortality and Mode of Death in Patients Treated with an Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator: ICD-LABOR: a Latin American Regional Study
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 31-36  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010031.pdf
Boldueva S., Leonova I., Lebedev D.
Evaluation of the Results of a Differential Approach to the Treatment of Patients with Myocardial Infarction and Ventricular Arrhythmias
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 37-40  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010037.pdf
Petersen S., Reinke H., Christ R., Hartung W.
The Effect of Steroid Elution on the Performance of Coronary Sinus Leads for Left Ventricular Pacing in Dogs
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 41-44  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010041.pdf
Zacher M., Martinovic D., Diegeler A.
Life-Threatening Effect of Twiddler's Syndrome with a Subpectorally Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 45-47  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010045.pdf
Res J., De Cock C., van Campen L.
Imaging in Cardiology: Complete Endocardial Lead Removal – a Dual Approach: Superior (Subclavian) and Inferior (Femoral)
      Volume: 9  Issue: 1  Page: 48-51  Date: 1.3.2004
      PDF-link: 200409010048.pdf