Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Aubert A.
Multisite Biventricular Pacing
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 213-215  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040213.pdf
Heublein B., Rhode R., Barlach S., Sternberg K., Schmitz K., Harder C., Bayer G., Tittelbach M., Diener T., Hartwig S.
Stents as Carriers for Applying a Local Active Agent: The Concept of the "Drug-Eluting Stent"
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 216-225  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040216.pdf
Schuchert A., Merkely B., Meinertz T.
Analysis of Prolonged Procedure Time for the Implantation of Transvenous Single-Chamber Defibrillators
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 226-230  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040226.pdf
Hamilton D., Cook L., Tomczak C., Busse E., Tsang J., Wojcik V., Haennel R.
Assessment of the Chronotropic/Metabolic Relationship in Patients with the Inos2+ CLS Closed Loop Pacemaker
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 231-241  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040231.pdf
Griesbach L., Huber T., Knote B., Härtel J., Schweika O.
Closed Loop Stimulation: Therapy for Malignant Neurocardiogenic Syncope
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 242-247  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040242.pdf
Menezes Jr. A., Daher M., De Paiva J., Nascente C., Moreira H.
Closed Loop Stimulation and Evaluation of the Effect of the Autonomic Nervous System Using Heart Rate Variability
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 248-252  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040248.pdf
Witte J., Meyer J.
Stratos LA – The First "Real" Triple-Chamber Pacemaker for AV Synchronous Biatrial Therapy
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 253-257  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040253.pdf
Santini M.
Home Monitoring for the Management of Patients with Atrial Tachyarrhythmia − An International Multicenter Clinical Trial
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 258-265  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040258.pdf
Res J., Abels R., Kroon G.
Imaging in Cardiology: Introducer Wire Removal after Loss of Control
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 266-268  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040266.pdf
Res J., Shiong Tan E.
Images in Electrophysiology: Multiple Effects of Radiofrequency Ablation
      Volume: 7  Issue: 4  Page: 269-270  Date: 1.12.2002
      PDF-link: 200207040269.pdf