Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Antonioli G.
The Single-Lead Concept Today
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 74-76  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020074.pdf
Bokern M., Lechner R., Coeberg J., Res J., Abels R., Kroon G.
A Long-Term Clinical Experience with an Active Fixation Lead for Atrial Application
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 77-82  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020077.pdf
Langieri G., Dolan M., Patterson D.
Preliminary Clinical Results of a New Bipolar, Active Fixation, Single-Pass ICD Lead
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 83-91  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020083.pdf
Boveda S., Schmutz L., Ortiz P., Salvador-Mazenq M.
Case Report: Implantation of a Triple-Chamber ICD
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 92-95  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020092.pdf
Chudzik M., Wranicz J., Hansen S., Hauser T., Kargul W.
Long-Term Reduction of Ventricular Tachycardia Using Right Ventricular Pacing in Patients with Chronic Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 96-101  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020096.pdf
Guilleman D., Scanu P.
Case Reports: Overdrive Pacing to Prevent Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 102-104  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020102.pdf
Kutarski A., Lakomski B., Oleszczak K.
A New Concept for Right Atrial Sensing Using Permanent Biatrial Pacing
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 105-115  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020105.pdf
Ismer B., von Knorre G., Voss W., Körber T., Petzsch M., Placke J., Nienaber C.
Definition of the Optimal Atrioventricular Delay by Simultaneous Measurement of Electrocardiographic and Doppler Echocardiographic Parameters
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 116-120  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020116.pdf
Chirife R., Tentori M., Mazzetti H., Czygan G., Lippert M.
Detection of Right Ventricular Volume Changes by Intracardiac Impedance
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 121-129  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020121.pdf
Osswald S., Benzer W., Schrepf R., Fromer M., Del Bufalo A., Brüsehaber B.
The CLEAR Multicenter Study Concept: Comparing Closed Loop Stimulation and Accelerometer Rate-Adaptive Pacing
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 130-135  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020130.pdf
Espinosa Reynoso J., Hernandez Garcia H., Sassara M., Scabbia E., Skodacek K., De Metz K., Birchfeld E.
First Clinical Results of a New Capture Control Algorithm Implemented in a Dual-Chamber Rate-Adaptive Pacemaker
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 136-143  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020136.pdf
Kalejs O., Jirgensons J., Ansabergs J., Blumbergs M., Nesterovics N., Sauka M., Sakne S., Vikmane M., Lacis R.
Long-Term Results of Catheter Ablation in Patients with Drug Refractory Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 144-151  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020144.pdf
Res J., Van Engelen C., Szili-Torok T.
Imaging in Cardiology: Implantation via the Axillary Vein Is a Safe Alternative to Subclavian Puncture
      Volume: 7  Issue: 2  Page: 152-154  Date: 1.6.2002
      PDF-link: 200207020152.pdf