Volume: 5
Issue: 6
Stoll H., March K.
Intracoronary Brachytherapy to Prevent Restenosis Following Coronary Intervention: Is it Ready for Clinical Use?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 420-427  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060420.pdf
Malinowski K.
Biventricular Pacing - Hemodynamic Benefit for Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 428-432  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060428.pdf
Kutarski A., Wójcik M., Rucinski P., Widomska-Czekajska T., Schaldach M.
Cathode or Anode in Coronary Sinus for Split Bipolar Biatrial Pacing?
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 433-448  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060433.pdf
El Allaf D., Attuel P.
European Multicenter Study on the Prevention of Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation by Permanent Overdrive Pacing: Atrial Rate Behavior and Patient Tolerance
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 449-454  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060449.pdf
Revishvili A.
Modern Trends and Clinical Experience with Dual-Chamber ICDs: Analysis of 473 Phylax AV Implants
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 455-463  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060455.pdf
Niehaus M., Pfeiffer D., Goerler H., De Sousa M., Raymondos K., Korte T., Tebbenjohanns J.
The VDD Electrode for Dual-Chamber ICD Systems: A Breakthrough in Discrimination Between Supraventricular and Ventricular Tachyarrhythmias in Single-Lead ICDs
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 464-470  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060464.pdf
Igidbashian D., Lonardi G., Gemelli M., Barbiero M., Zanchetta L., Audoglio R.
Clinical Evaluation of a New Computer Based Expert Management System of Pacemaker Diagnostic Functions
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 471-477  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060471.pdf
Ravazzi A., Carosio G., Diotallevi P., Ballestrero G., Taverna G., Reale M., Audoglio R.
Clinical Assessment of the Correlation Between Right Ventricular Impedance and Left Ventricular Contractility
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 478-481  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060478.pdf
Sassara M., Scabbia E., Militello C., Greenhut S., Audoglio R.
Clinical Evaluation of a New Automatic Ventricular Capture Control Algorithm Based on Evoked Response
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 482-485  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060482.pdf
Igidbashian D., Lonardi G., Gemelli M., Franco G., Audoglio R.
Long-Term, Persistent Single-Lead DDD Pacing for Complete AV Block with Late Onset Chronotropic Incompetence – A Case Report
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 486-488  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060486.pdf
Hubmann M., Ruppert T., Eichhorn K., Grzeganek A., David E., Hardt R.
A Standardized Method for Evaluation of Pacemaker Safety on the Work Place – A Case Evaluation
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 489-492  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060489.pdf
Pasha R., Viergever E.
Imaging in Cardiology – Pacemaker Twiddler's Syndrome Leading to Atrial Screw-in Lead Dislocation
      Volume: 5  Issue: 6  Page: 493-495  Date: 1.12.2000
      PDF-link: 200005060493.pdf