Volume: 4
Issue: 4
Littmann I.
New Concepts in the Management of Atrial Fibrillation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 388-393  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040388.pdf
Kutarski A., Widomska-Czekajska T., Oleszczak K., Wójcik M., Poleszak K.
Clinical and Technical Aspects of Permanent BiA Pacing Using Standard DDD Pacemaker - Long-Term Experience in 47 Patients
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 394-404  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040394.pdf
Lörincz I.
QT Dispersion
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 405-410  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040405.pdf
Horkay F.
Surgical Aspects of ICD Implantation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 411-414  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040411.pdf
Merkely B.
Possible Advantages of Dual-Chamber Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Therapy
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 415-420  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040415.pdf
Tenczer J.
Pharmacological Treatment of Ventricular Arrhythmias
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 421-423  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040421.pdf
Gellér L., Merkely B.
Efficacy of Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillators in Treating Slow Ventricular Tachycardia
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 424-426  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040424.pdf
Károlyi L., Ebert H., Otto T., Hansen C., Spitzer S.
First Clinical Experiences with a Novel Non-Contact Mapping System
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 427-430  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040427.pdf
Kalejs O., Jirgensons J., Nesterovics N., Blumbergs M., Ansabergs J., Sakne S.
Transesophageal Pacing as a Method of Control after Radiofrequency Catheter Ablation for Patients with Atrial Flutter
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 431-436  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040431.pdf
Melczer L.
New Dimensions and New Indications in Pacemaker Therapy
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 437-444  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040437.pdf
Malinowski K.
Heart Rate Variability in Patients with Closed Loop Stimulation
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 445-448  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040445.pdf
Graux P., Guyomar Y., Heuls S., Carlioz R., Houchaymi Z., Moukahal M., Dutoit A.
Closed Loop Stimulation and Neurocardiogenic Syncope
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 449-452  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040449.pdf
Böhm Á., Pintér A., Préda I.
Physiologic versus Non-Physiologic Pacing in View of Recent Studies
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 452-455  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040452.pdf
Marchetti G., Labanti G., Talamonti E., Carini G., Urbinati S., Pinelli G.
Cardiopulmonary Test as Helpful Tool for Optimizing AV-Delay in DDD-Paced Patients
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 456-459  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040456.pdf
Garcia E., Caus T., Mouly-Bandini A., Mesana T.
Detection of Cardiac Allograft Rejection Using a pPhysios CTM 01 Pacemaker: A Preliminary Case Study
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 460-462  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040460.pdf
Van Den Broek J.
Initial Experience with Fractal Coated Atrial and Ventricular Leads
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 463-465  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040463.pdf
Zerah G., Sitbon H., Zerah T., Cherifi F., Davoine J.
Electrical Performances of a Fractal Coated Lead: Polyrox Monocentric Study
      Volume: 4  Issue: 4  Page: 466-467  Date: 1.9.1999
      PDF-link: 199904040466.pdf