Volume: 4
Issue: 2
Lang V., Schaldach M.
Electrophysiologic Parameters for Triggering and Maintaining Atrial Electrical Turbulence
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 106-111  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020106.pdf
Kutarski A., Wójcik M., Oleszczak K.
Pulse Width Programming in Patients with Biatrial Pacing Systems
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 112-116  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020112.pdf
Israel C., Lawo T.
Introduction to a new "X out of Y" Mode-Switching Algorithm in Inos² CLS and Logos Dual-Chamber Pacemakers
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 117-125  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020117.pdf
Revishvili A.
Novel Shock Configuration for Low-energy Transvenous Ventricular Defibrillation - A Case Report
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 126-129  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020126.pdf
Hubmann M., Thaufelder H., Vestner J., Ruppert T., Lang E., Hardt R.
Particularities of Pacemaker Therapy in Elderly Patients
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 130-135  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020130.pdf
Hubmann M., Ruppert T., Lang E., Hardt R.
Preliminary Results of Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) During Chronotropic Assessment Exercise Protocol
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 136-143  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020136.pdf
Fauser C., Kuijer P.
Closed Loop Stimulation in Patients with Normal and Limited Contractility
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 141-145  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020141.pdf
Beliaev O., Berdnikov S., Mikhailov S., Tobolin D.
Heart Rate Variability over 24 Hours - Closed Loop Stimulation and Motion-Sensor Pacemakers Compared with Healthy Control Group
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 146-148  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020146.pdf
Vargas M., Hutten H., Schreier G., Kastner P., Grasser B., Iberer F., Tscheliessnigg K.
The Influence of Pacing Rate on Intramyocardial Electrograms
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 149-153  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020149.pdf
Malinowski K., Unger P., Res J.
Evaluation of Different Hysteresis Functions - A Study with the BIOTRONIK Actros DR
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 154-159  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020154.pdf
Beckers F., Aubert A., Ramaekers D., Ector H., Van de Werf F.
ACTS: Automated Calculation of Tachograms and Systograms
      Volume: 4  Issue: 2  Page: 160-165  Date: 1.4.1999
      PDF-link: 199904020160.pdf