Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Schaldach M.
Closed Loop Stimulation Provides Baroreceptorsensitivity Clinical Relevance and Long Term Prognosis
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 106-109  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030106.pdf
Revishvili A.
Present Status and Future Concepts for Arrhythmia Treatment with Implantable Devices
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 110-113  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030110.pdf
Kutarski A., Poleszak K., Oleszczak K., Koziara D., Widomska-Czekajska T.
Biatrial and Coronary Sinus Pacing-Long-term Experience with 264 Patients
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 114-120  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030114.pdf
Strasberg B., Kusniec J.
Antitachycardia Pacing in Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Patients - An Overview
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 121-126  Date: 1.12.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030121.pdf
Revishvili A.
A New Coronary Sinus Lead for Left Atrial Pacing and Low-Energy Atrial Defibrillation- A Case Report
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 127-131  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030127.pdf
Weiss I., Urbaszek A., Schaldach M.
Mechanisms of Afterdepolarization Induced Cardiac Arrhythmia
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 132-136  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030132.pdf
Andrade J.
Cardiac Contractility Sensor Evaluation in a DDDR System – A Multicenter Study
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 137-142  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030137.pdf
Christ T., Brattström A., Kühn H., Schier M., Schaldach M.
Effect of Circulating Catecholamines on the Pacing Rate of the Closed Loop Stimulation Pacemaker
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 143-146  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030143.pdf
Novák M., Hoffmann G., Schaldach M.
Multi-Center Investigations with Automatically Initialized Closed Loop Stimulation - Rate Response during Daily Life and Physical Exercise Tests
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 147-151  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030147.pdf
Guyomar Y., Graux P., Nicolas E., Vinchon F., Dutoit A.
INOS² DR and Neurocardiogenic Syncope: First Experiences in Four Cases
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 152-155  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030152.pdf
Israel C., Floren E., Harrer P., Böckenförde J., Weber K.
Electrophysiologic Performance of a New Iridium-Coated Electrode with Reduced Surface Area: A One-Year Study
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 156-162  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030156.pdf
Novák M., Smola M., Psenicka M., Janousek J., Vanek I.
Clinical Evaluation of Epicardial Fractal Coated Pacing Leads
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 164-167  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030164.pdf
Brofman P., Menezes A., Mateos J., Sant'Anna J., Taskiran M., Schaldach M.
First Clinical Results with the VECATS Single-Lead System
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 168-171  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030168.pdf
Bourge R., Eisen H., Hershberger R., Keller A., Radovancevic B., Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H.
A Multicenter Study on Noninvasive Rejection Monitoring of Heart Transplants Using Computerized Processing of Intramyocardial Electrograms
      Volume: 3  Issue: 3  Page: 172-176  Date: 1.6.1998
      PDF-link: 199803030172.pdf