Volume: 3
Issue: 2
Schaldach M.
What is Closed Loop Stimulation?
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 49-55  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020049.pdf
Malinowski K.
Interindividual Comparison of CLOSED LOOP Stimulation and Rate-adaptive Sensor Systems
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 56-60  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020056.pdf
Revishvili A.
Dual-Chamber Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator with Active Discrimination of Supraventricular Tachycardia
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 61-66  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020061.pdf
Merkely B., Gellér L., Juhász-Nagy A., Lang V.
Application of Monophasic Action Potential Recording Technique in the Detection of Endothelin-Induced Ventricular Arrhythmias
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 67-74  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020067.pdf
Zimmermann F., Muurling S., Simon R., Belke R., Lang V., Schaldach M.
Measuring Monophasic Action Potentials with Defibrillator Leads -A One Case Study
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 75-78  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020075.pdf
Lawo T., Barmeyer J., Wagner S., Lang V., Schaldach M.
Long Term Monitoring of the Intrinsic Ventricular Monophasic Action Potential with an Implantable DDD Pacemaker
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 79-84  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020079.pdf
Witte J.
Pacing within the Atrium Prevents Supraventricular Tachycardias
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 85-90  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020085.pdf
Menezes Jr. A., Queiroz C., Carzola F., Dourado J., Carvalho W.
Ventricular Capture Control and the Increase of Pacemaker Lifetime
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 91-95  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020091.pdf
Grasser B., Iberer F., Petutschnigg B., Wasler A., Müller H., Allmayer T., Prenner G., Schaffellner S., Tscheliessnigg K., Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H.
The Influence of Brain Death and Donor Heart Re-Transplantation on Intramyocardial Electrograms
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 96-100  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020096.pdf
Clémenty J., Meunier J., Lemouroux A., Lemeteyer P., Haissaguerre M.
Study of a New Activity Driven Rate Responsive Pacemaker Programming Based on Standardized Tests Emulating Daily Life Activities
      Volume: 3  Issue: 2  Page: 101-105  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803020101.pdf