Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Schaldach M., Hutten H.
Telecardiology — Optimizing the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Efficacy of the Next Implant Generation
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 1-4  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010001.pdf
Hoh G., Lucchese F., Revishvili A.
Clinical Experiences with a Subpectorally Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator Using a Single Lead System
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 5-8  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010005.pdf
Revishvili A.
Dual-Chamber Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 9-13  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010009.pdf
Zrenner B., Schmitt C., Schömig A., Müssig D., Schaldach M.
Intraoperative Recordings of Monophasic Action Potentials with Chronically Implantable Pacemaker Leads in the Right Ventricle
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 14-17  Date: 1.5.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010014.pdf
Hoh G., Tamm A., Schier M., Schaldach M.
A Comparative Study of the Sensing Behavior of Electroactive Coated Catheter Electrodes Versus Conventional Electrodes
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 18-21  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010018.pdf
Kutarski A., Poleszak K., Oleszczak K., Baszak J., Koziara D., Widomska-Czekajska T.
Does the OLBITMConfiguration Solve the Problem of Exit Block During Permanent CS Pacing ?
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 22-28  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010022.pdf
Bodnár J.
Single Lead OLBITMStimulation in Antibradycardia and Antitachycardia Therapy
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 29-32  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010029.pdf
Heublein B., Pethig K., Özbek C., Elsayed M., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
Silicon Carbide Coating - a New Hybrid Design of Coronary Stents
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 33-39  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010033.pdf
Koolen J., Hanekamp C., Bonnier H.
A Highly Flexible Slotted Tube Stent Design Coated with a-SiC:H First Clinical Experiences
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 40-44  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010040.pdf
Rzany A., Bayer G., Bolz A., Schaldach M., Hahn C., Uttich T., Müller P.
Fibrinogen Molecular Images by Scanning Force Microscopy to Study the Mechanism of Contact Activation
      Volume: 3  Issue: 1  Page: 45-48  Date: 1.2.1998
      PDF-link: 199803010045.pdf