Volume: 2
Issue: 2
Schaldach M.
The Fractally Coated Lead as Ideal Sensor and Actuator for the Electrotherapy of the Heart
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 47-57  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020047.pdf
Antonioli G.
Single A-V Lead Pacing
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 58-68  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020058.pdf
Binner L., Brummer T., Hombach V., Müssig D., Dauer W., Fröhlich R., Schaldach M.
Clinical Evaluation of a New DDD Pacemaker with Automatic Capture Control Using the Ventricular Evoked Response
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 69-72  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020069.pdf
Schreier G., Kastner P., Hutten H., Grasser B., Schaffellner S., Iberer F., Tscheliessnigg K., Schaldach M.
Noninvasive Patient Monitoring after Heart Transplantation - New Methodological Aspects
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 73-79  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020073.pdf
Kamarýt P., Novák M., Dvorák Jr. I., Hubmann M., Mach P., Svehlák R.
Stimulation Properties of Fractally Coated High Impedance Leads
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 80-87  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020080.pdf
Tse H., Lau C., Leung Z., Leung S., Mehta N.
Single-Lead DDD System: A Comparative Evaluation of Unipolar, Bipolar and Overlapping Biphasic Stimulation
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 82-87  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020082.pdf
Frabetti L., Sassara M., Melissano A., Del Giudice G., Mangiameli S., Audoglio R.
OLBI pacing - The Italian experience
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 88-94  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020088.pdf
Revishvili A., Schaldach M., Thong T.
Lead Concepts for Fifth Generation ICDs
      Volume: 2  Issue: 2  Page: 95-99  Date: 1.9.1997
      PDF-link: 199702020095.pdf