Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Schaldach M.
The Implant and the Cardiovascular Feedback Loop
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 1-5  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010001.pdf
Lucchese F.
Therapeutic and Preventive Benefits of Stimulation with Floating Electrodes
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 6-10  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010006.pdf
Lang V., Ströbel J., Schaldach M., Merkely B., Gellér L., Juhász-Nagy A.
Monitoring Cellular Electrical Activity - Monophasic Action Potential and Ventricular Evoked Response
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 11-16  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010011.pdf
Hutten H., Schreier G., Kastner P., Grasser B., Iberer F., Tscheliessnigg K., Schaldach M.
Recording of Ventricular Propagation Time Using Dual-Chamber Pacemaker Telemetry
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 17-22  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010017.pdf
Lucchese F., Halperin C., De Andrade J., Pachón J., Jorge J., Brofman P., Greco O., Revishvili A.
Safety and Efficacy of Low Defibrillation Energies with Single Transvenous Leads - Clinical Experiences
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 23-26  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010023.pdf
Res J., Van Woersem R., Malinowski K., Ebner E., Greco O., Ardito R., Lucchese F., Halperin C., Schaldach M.
Dual Chamber Pacing and Closed-Loop Regulation - Clinical Results
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 27-30  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010027.pdf
Yuzvinkevich S., Fedorov V., Krutikov A., Domashenko A., Khirmanov V., Schaldach M.
Clinical Experience with Dual Chamber Pacing in Patients with Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardiomyopathy
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 31-40  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010031.pdf
Zerkowski H., Rüter F., Redling F., Reinhartz O., Hakim K., Hofmann S., Gybels Y.
End-Stage Heart Failure - Surgical Therapeutic Options
      Volume: 2  Issue: 1  Page: 41-45  Date: 1.5.1997
      PDF-link: 199702010041.pdf