Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Fröhlich R., Mehta H.
Advancements in Pacemaker Lead Technology
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 1-1  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030001.pdf
Pichlmaier A., Harringer W., Cremer J., Hirt S., Strüber M., Haverich A., Lang V., Ströbel J., Bolz A., Schaldach M.
Recordings of the Monophasic Action Potential Using New Implantable Leads
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 2-4  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030002.pdf
Hardt R., Hubmann M., Bolz A., Fröhlich R., Schaldach M., Zahdanov A., Revishvili A., Beljaev O.
Clinical Experience with Low Threshold Pacing Leads
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 5-6  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030005.pdf
Braile D., Brofman P., Shatarov K., Revishvili A., Bokeria L., Schaldach M.
Clinical Experience with ANS Controlled Cardiomyoplasty
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 7-9  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030007.pdf
Greco O., Ardito R., Schaldach M., Pichlmaier A., Ebner E., Res J., Witte J., Rödiger W.
Optimal Biosensor for the Reestablishment of Chronotropy: Multicenter Study and Long-Term Clinical Results
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 10-13  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030010.pdf
Greco O., Ardito R., Schaldach M., Meier J., Ströbel J.
Influence of Provoked Regional Ischemia and Inotropically Effective Drugs on the Rate-Adaptive Response provided by ANS-vontrolled Pacing Systems
      Volume: 1  Issue: 3  Page: 14-16  Date: 1.7.1996
      PDF-link: 199601030014.pdf