Volume: 1
Issue: 2
Tscheliessnigg K., Auer T., Iberer F., Schreier G., Hutten H.
Analysis of the Ventricular Evoked Response for Use in Cardiac Transplant Monitoring
      Volume: 1  Issue: 2  Page: 1-4  Date: 1.3.1996
      PDF-link: 199601020001.pdf
Witte J., Reibis R., Ströbel J., Schaldach M.
The Response of the Intracardiac Impedance Signal to Provoked Regional Ischemia during PTCA
      Volume: 1  Issue: 2  Page: 5-7  Date: 1.3.1996
      PDF-link: 199601020005.pdf
Bolz A., Amon M., Özbek C., Heublein B., Schaldach M.
Optimization of hemocompatibility and functionality by a hybrid design of cardiovascular stents
      Volume: 1  Issue: 2  Page: 8-12  Date: 1.3.1996
      PDF-link: 199601020008.pdf
van Woersem J., van Kempen L., Res J., Merkely B., Ebner E., Witte J., Halperin C., Greco O., Lucchese F., Vaskelyte J., Schaldach M.
ANS Controlled Closed-Loop Cardiac Pacing - A Multicenter Study
      Volume: 1  Issue: 2  Page: 13-16  Date: 1.3.1996
      PDF-link: 199601020013.pdf